Control, Instrumentation and Specialty Cables

When Maintaining Electrical Integrity is Critical

When it comes to durability under extreme weather conditions to safeguard your wind farm assets, our engineered cables can be custom designed to meet your exact cabling specifications and are used for transmitting power from the generator mounted in the nacelle of the wind tower to the base station.

Thermo Cable products are made of special elastomeric compounds to meet the most extreme torsional stress that occurs during rotation of the nacelle in relation to wind direction.

Safeguarding the Efficiency of Your Wind Turbines

Our cable management solutions can significantly boost the efficiency and productivity of your wind farms and reduce:

  1. Wind tower downtime
  2. Cut costs for tower service and maintenance 

The results?  Your wind farm delivers maximum productivity, profitability and delivers a lower cost of wind energy (LCoE).

Specialty Cabling Offerings

Low-Voltage Loop Rubber Power Cabling
In the tower, low-voltage power is required for lighting.

High-Voltage Power Cabling
Higher voltage, fire-resistant cabling is required to transport the generated wind power from the nacelle to the base of the power to connect to the switchgear and the power grid. 

  • Power & Control Cables
  • Instrumentation Cables
  • Electronic and Data Transmission Cables
  • Fiber-optic Cables

Cabling Technical Specifications

Voltage Grade
300 V/ 1100 V

Flexible class – 5 tinned or bare copper conductors, made to IEC – 60228/ IS – 8130

Range (single core): 
10 Sq mm to 300 Sq mm

EPR – In conformance to IEC – 60502 / IS – 6380

Special elastomer compound with Oil, Fire, Hydrolysis and Torsion Resistant properties, (zero halogen sheath available on request)

• Maximum conductor temperature (continuous): + 90 Deg C
• Short circuit temperature (max) for up to 5 seconds : + 250 Deg C
• Maximum permissible tensile load on cable : 15 N/mm²
• Torsion angle: ± 100 º per meter
• Minimum bending radius: 10 D