Our Principles


Broadwind Energy is a precision manufacturer of structures, equipment & components for clean tech and other specialized applications.

Vision 2019

By 2019 we will double our sales by growing our existing businesses and expanding our presence in clean tech. We will build lasting customer relationships and increase our profitability through improved commercial and operational execution.


Grow Our Existing Businesses

Expand In Clean Tech

Develope Our Team

Broaden Customer Relationships

Pursue Operational Excellence


Broadwind CARES…


We are committed to our employees, our customers and our industries.


We will deliver excellent products and services for our customers and returns for our shareholders.


We see and celebrate value in ourselves and others.


We don't give up and we work together to get the job done.


We are committed to the highest standards of safety in all we do.

Integrity is the foundation of our business

Broadwind values integrity in all we do—it's the way we work.

If you feel we are not living up to our core values, please visit https://broadwind.alertline.com or call 877.874.8416.