Wind Turbine Towers

We are one of the largest producers of utility scale steel wind energy towers in North America.

Wind towers are a growing source of renewable energy that provides clean, sustainable power in the U.S.  Wind towers support a wind turbine and its other components, holding the nacelle, rotor, and blades of a wind turbine. The tower positions the turbine at an optimum height to achieve the highest wind speeds available, so the tower produces maximum wind energy.  

The height and strength of a wind tower is critical as wind speed increases with height.  Broadwind Energy's tubular steel towers deliver the strength and durability needed for today's increasingly taller towers.

What Do We Do?

  • We manufactured the first 100 meter wind tower in U.S.
  • Highest quality utility-scale wind tower fabrications
  • Built to meet technically advanced specifications
  • We’ve built over 2,500 wind towers since 2008
  • We offer a design for manufacturability review
  • We service the prime “wind belt” with facilities in Wisconsin and Texas for multi-modal transportation by water and rail transportation with access to key ISO and RTO wind regions.

See How Broadwind Tackles Tower Transportation Challenges - Watch the Video


Using Water Transport for Over-Dimensional Cargo is better for the environment and less expensive per ton-mile.

Building it better

Founded in 2003, Broadwind's talented team brings decades of steel fabrication experience. We’ve built more than a dozen wind turbine tower designs for ten turbine OEMs, and designed proprietary internals for four others — overall, we’ve built more than 2,000 1+ MW towers to date. Our knowledge, experience and relationships are unparalleled in the North American wind industry. Broadwind is a trusted supplier of multi-megawatt wind towers known for flexibility, quality and customer focus.

The Broadwind Way

At Broadwind, we believe that being closer to the customer means competitive delivered prices for you and satisfied customers for us. Instead of one centralized North American location driving up transportation and shipping costs for the customer, we maintain smaller, dispersed plants close to strong wind markets. We’re also closer to rail lines for efficient shipping of tower sections. Our plants are fully integrated, from plate prep to finishing, and contain state-of-the-art processing in all areas. This strategy, combined with our lean methods to drive down labor content, mean a competitive price for you. 

  • Fabrication experience in heavy weldments up to 10” (250 mm)
  • Deep water port for barges/ships
  • Future site for fabrication of offshore monopiles
  • Production area:  200,000 square feet ; Facility total:  250,000 square feet
  • Cutting tables:  2” max. thickness plasma; 8” max. thickness Oxy
  • 4 roll Faccin roller; 4 roll Davi roller; 3-1/4” max thickness
  • 2 long seam, 3 circumferential custom-designed weld seam welding equipment
  • 250 ton maximum lifting capacity
  • 2 blast cabins; 2 paint cabins (climate-controlled; 2,000+ sections per year)
  • Off-site short and long-term storage