Why Work with Broadwind Energy – SAFE SpA?

Whether your needs include compressed natural gas (CNG), oil & gas, or biogas, Broadwind Energy and SAFE can deliver turn-key solutions that are reliable, easy to install and maintain.

Customer Focused, Cost Effective, Reliable Compression Infrastructure Solutions

The combination of SAFE’s robust compression engineering capabilities and decades of expertise, combined with Broadwind Energy’s national maintenance and service network, assures you can manage the production of gas to meet your customers’ needs, while delivering profitable results.   

  • Complete, turn-key natural gas compression solutions
  • Standard or custom-designed to meet your unique requirements
  • Designed for maximum durability and reliability
  • Low operational cost
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics to reduce cost-of-ownership and MRO
  • More than 3,500 compressors supplied across the world
  • SAFE is an innovator and leader since 1975
  • Over 80% installations outside Italy – worldwide
  • 24/7 Service availability
  • On-site training courses available

CNG Product Line

Product FeatureBenefit
Built-in starter panel and priority panelSimpler installation—lower costs installation, less potential for failures
Liquid cooled systemReduced wear, better compression ratios—lower operating cost
Non-lubricated cylindersLower oil consumption, limited oil carryover—lower system and vehicle maintenance cost
Rigid, self-aligning direct motor couplingNo power loss, no maintenance—better efficiency, lower operating cost
Vibration isolationLess vibration conveyed to mounting base—lower construction cost

Standard design

Plug-n-play—easy to install, ready to operate
Tailored solutionsWide operating range to meet specific applications