6 Reasons Why CNG Should be Your Choice


CNG offers:

  • Quick startup, minimal approval level
  • Low up front commitment by end customer to capitalize on benefits
  • Flexibility in utilization of mobile equipment for the operators

Low Commodity Component as a Function of Fuel Cost

Fuel Source Less Susceptible to Commodity Volatility 


Tangible Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces CO2 by 25%
  • Cuts Carbon Monoxide by 90%
  • Cuts Mercury by 100%
  • Cuts Sulfur Dioxide by 99.9%
  • Cuts Particulates by 91%
  • Cuts Nitrogen Oxide by 78%

CNG Can Play an Important Part in Corporate Env. Impact Strategies

  • Natural gas is an abundant, domestic resource
  • Where existing service is not in place development can often be a lengthy process
  • Traditional pipeline development can exceed $2.4 million per mile
  • Virtual pipelines offer utility LDCs the ability to extend service range

Many Regions of the U.S. Lack Adequate Pipeline Infrastructure

Difference between a diesel and a NG tractor at $70k is repaid in 2.3yrs

A $200k tractor financed properly has positive cash flow to the driver immediately, and repays loans 40-50% more quickly than diesel

CNG vs. Diesel Tractor Savings Approach $30K per Year

Example Fleet Savings with CNG

Contact Us for Fleet Specific Payback Analysis

Impact of CNG vs. Diesel Spread

Payback on CNG Remains – Even as Spread has Narrowed