end-of-warranty inspections

Ready for your end-of-warranty wind turbine inspection?

As a leading independent services provider to the U.S. wind industry, Broadwind has conducted numerous end-of-warranty and post-warranty inspections across a wide variety of OEM turbine platforms (MW & kW).

According to AWEA, 6.4 GWs of U.S. wind turbine power are due to come off warranty in 2013.

Without the in-depth knowledge of each turbine’s potential risk profile:
• Profitability may be at risk
• Maintenance costs may become unpredictable

Maintain Profitability

Our comprehensive and customizable
multi-point inspection ensures a thorough
review of major systems including:
• Blades (in-air and ground)
1. Surface damage
2. Leading edge erosion
3. Bonding fatigue
4. Lightning arrestor continuity
5. Drain port cleaning
6. Visual internal checks
• Electrical
• Gearbox
  1. Borescope (planetary & helical)
  2. Magnetic sweep
• Generator including tower cabling
• Blade bearings / pitch components
• Yaw gear / motor
• Pad mount transformer
• Foundation
• Hydraulics
• Infrared thermography analysis
• Oil and grease sampling & analysis
• Torque verification (ping testing)
• Vibration analysis
• General walk-down: condition, function and cleanliness

Broadwind is the partner you can trust to reduce uncertainty and increase the predictability of maintenance costs
across your fleet. We make wind work better.

Call Broadwind Services today to discuss your End of Warranty, root cause and out-of-warranty inspection options.

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