Oil & Gas Solutions

Since its foundation, SAFE has been applying decades of knowledge and engineering expertise to design world-class oil and gas equipment and solutions.

Offering custom-designed solutions to standard GE HSR compressor packages, SAFE’s capabilities include a wide variety of applications—from gas recompression at wells to gas turbine feeding, to underground storage and much more.

Main Features:
  • heavy-duty design
  • superior performance flexibility
  • meets the needs of different design standards
  • suitability to various services
  • superior durability
  • low operational costs
  • low Life Cycle Costs (LCC)
  • reduced maintenance operations costs
  • Underground gas storage
  • Fuel gas compression
  • Gas gathering
  • Gas flaring shut-down
  • Wellhead
  • Gas recovery

Solutions for All Phases of Energy Production


Exploration and production, unconventional gas processing and transportation.

  • High-speed reciprocating compressors
  • Gas treatment systems
  • Fuel Gas Compressors


Transportation, storage, and natural gas processing plants. 

  • High-speed reciprocating compressors
  • Fuel Gas Compressors


Refining, distribution, processing and purifying CNG compressors.

  • Complete filling stations
  • Fuel Gas Compressors