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Industrial Fabrications for Oil & Gas

to Boost Productivity

Whether you are in the upstream, midstream or downstream sectors, Broadwind's industrial fabrications and ASME pressure vessels are used in equipment that manhandles the most colossal oil & gas jobs on the planet. When it comes to large weldments in hard-to-handle shapes and sizes, Broadwind is ready to help you get to work! We custom engineer, weld, inspect, machine, refurbish, rebuild and assemble parts for O&G companies that build, use and beat on massive equipment day in and day out. So request a quote today to see what we can do for you!

Loose gearing

We have the largest spiral bevel cutting equipment in North America. Known for producing some of the finest spiral bevel gears in the world, Brad Foote delivers an enhanced level of performance and strength. The exceptional quality of our gearing maximizes load-carrying capability with minimum vibration and lower noise levels—at extreme velocities. With the largest spiral bevel cutting equipment in North America, Brad Foote offers the rare ability to produce gears of all sizes, including the largest sized gears used in mining applications and curved tooth spiral gears up to 100 inches in diameter. And we’re the only gear company to induction harden spiral bevel teeth. 

Enclosed drives

Our drives have some of the highest power density ratings in the industry. With the latest design and manufacturing technology, our enclosed drive gearboxes offer the advantage of carburized, hardened and ground gearing in a wide range of sizes and features. Made of fabricated steel housings, they offer both strength and integrity.

Heat treating

We have one of the largest captive heat treatment facilities in North America. Our state-of-the-art facility covers 50,000 square feet, and features a computer control room to monitor heat levels, carbon potential and the cycle time of each heat treat load.


When it comes to the finishing stage, Brad Foote’s experienced machinists, technicians and state-of-the-art equipment provide a high level of quality and precision to every product. As part of our extensive tooth grinding capabilities, we employ on-board coordinate measuring machine (CMM) gear inspection technology, which verifies precise accuracy to meet your most stringent specifications. Our extensive precision form tooth grinding capabilities extend to 157 inches in diameter and AGMA Q15.

Gear cutting

Through our decades of experience, we’ve gained the ability to design, engineer, manufacture and service complex gearing systems. More recently, our expertise in working in tight-tolerance wind energy applications has provided further refinement in our manufacturing process — a significant advantage for teh growing complexity of gearing needs in the oil and gas segments.


With a team of on-staff metallurgists and a full metallurgical lab, Brad Foote’s comprehensive testing capabilities include:

  • In-house non-destructive inspection to level 3
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Magnetic-particle and initial tech inspection
  • Hardness testing
  • Barkhousen Noise Analysis
  • Destructive testing and evaluation services.

We can help!  Request a fabrications or industrial gearing quote from us today.