Solving Challenges for a Global Energy Leader

Saving Over $1 Million for Our Customer

Solving Challenges for a Global Energy Leader

In business for well over a century, this leading global energy corporation is a household name in the U.S. and synonymous for producing fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, and lubricants to keep engines moving, among other things. Also known for their commitment to renewable energy, this distinguished corporation operates wind farms in the U.S., and invests in countless others.

Turning to Broadwind Energy for their precision welding repair expertise and leading position in the renewable sector, they commissioned Broadwind to repair structural damage caused by excessive cyclic overloading of a group of five wind towers manufactured by a competitor. Faced with potential replacement of the wind turbines if welding repair strategies were not successful, this corporation would be forced to purchase five brand new towers, resulting in expenses of 1 million dollars or more. Thanks to a century of industrial welding and precision fabrications experience, Broadwind Energy was able to salvage the towers ahead of schedule with precision uptower welding of the circumferential tower sections.

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The Challenge:

Wind Turbine Tower Repair Services – Precision Welding Uptower Structural Repair

Five wind turbines had experienced serious metal fatigue caused by prolonged, wind-induced vibrations and excessive cyclic loads. Structural damage to the wind turbine towers had resulted in cracks in the can-to-can circumferential tower sections, which could have led to catastrophic failure in the short term and the need to replace all five towers.

Delivering 200 linear feet of uptower precision welding to repair metal fatigue on five active wind turbines, the uptower welding repair not only allowed the customer to continue to run turbines at reduced capacity for uninterrupted energy production, it eliminated crane fees, the cost of new wind towers, and resulted in over $1 Million in savings.

Project Specifications

This project required urgent uptower welding repair of a competitor's wind tower while the wind turbine gearbox and blades were in place. Providing on-site uptower precision welding services allowed the customer to run turbines at reduced capacity to continue to produce wind energy, avoid unplanned down-time, and minimize energy production and revenue loss.

Services Provided:

  • Catastrophic structural repair welding of can-to-can circumferential tower sections manufactured by a competitor, with services performed uptower
  • Precision steel grinding with tight tolerances to gouge out existing faulty welds
  • Full penetration welding
  • Paint to finish and protect the steel tower from the elements
  • Ultrasonic technician testing conducted to pinpoint issues and ensure zero welding defects

The Results:

  • Completed over 200 linear feet of uptower wind turbine welding repair
  • Performed significant structural welding repair and restoration, not cursory or aesthetic welding
  • Full-penetration welds performed in unique locations and at varying lengths and heights
  • Non-destructive ultrasonic testing revealed no welding defects upon project completion
  • Tower was restored to “like-new” original design parameters, preventing catastrophic turbine down time and unwanted replacement costs
  • Significantly reduced wind turbine down-time for customer
  • Eliminated the need to replace existing towers with new towers
  • Customer was completely satisfied with service and requested similar uptower repair projects at other wind farms with towers made by competition

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