Reducing CNG Compressor Vibration

Watch a video demonstration of a Broadwind | SAFE compressor eliminating vibration so well, a coin balances while it runs.

How does a Broadwind | SAFE compressor eliminate vibration and reduce noise emissions?

The compressor offers a mechanically balanced design to significantly reduce vibration. Naturally occurring vibration inherent to reciprocating compressors is further mitigated through the use of dampening springs which not only reduce vibration, they help to reduce noise levels.

The entire compression skid is mounted on these dampeners, rather than by being bolted directly to an enclosure or foundation. This results in minimal transference of vibration back out to the balance of the enclosure, and then down to the pad. This design feature reduces noise emissions to 75 dBa. Broadwind | SAFE Compressors deliver a quieter, more smoothly operating machine with dramatically reduced vibration for longer equipment lifecycle and improved return-on-investment.

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