Plug-N-Fill CNG Virtual Pipeline

Fills A 320,000 SCF Gas Transport Trailer in Just 90 Minutes

Facilitating bulk transportation of large amounts of natural gas, biomethane, and other gasses.


Designed for:

  • Speed to market
  • Streamlined installation
  • Simple operation
  • Serviceability

Included in PLUG-N-FILL

  • Two redundant 300HP high suction pressure compressors
  • Gas dryer
  • Controls
  • Starter panels
  • Air compressor
  • Communication panel
  • Two trailer fueling panels with meters
  • Two truck fueling panels with meters
  • All-in-one enclosure

PLUG-N-FILL installation requirements

  • Concrete pad
  • Impact protection
  • Main gas connection
  • Main electrical connection
  • Ethernet communications

PLUG-N-FILL simplifies commissioning requirements

  • Compressors are load tested with natural gas
  • Complete system has been factory tested
  • Inspect for damage during transportation
  • Connect utilities and you are ready to start! 

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*Customizable Packages Available Built to Your Specs Ranging Between 150HP – 600HP, and Your Choice of Inlet Pressure.


Broadwind-SAFE is a strategic partnership offering customer focused, cost effective and reliable compression infrastructure solutions to the North American CNG market. Powered by SAFE S.p.A. core compression technology, complemented by Broadwind Energy’s fabrication expertise and national service network, we offer a wide range of compression solutions to meet the needs of any CNG fueling application.