Making Advanced, Less Toxic Cancer Treatment Available

Health Care Manufacturing Case Study.


With over 75 years of advanced clinical oncological technology success, this award-winning, publicly traded global leader in cancer treatment partnered with Broadwind Energy Industrial Fabrications to custom-engineer and manufacture a large gantry to house its newest product development, a leading-edge, compact, single-room proton therapy machine for improved cancer treatment. This leading health care innovator chose Broadwind Industrial Fabrications as their strategic supply-chain partner for this important new product launch into the marketplace based on a decade of industrial engineering expertise, and Broadwind’s unique ability to manufacture large industrial structures like the gantry and platform to support the revolutionary proton therapy technology.

Project Specifications

The specifications of this project required Broadwind to manufacture a compact gantry to house their proton therapy technology used for cancer treatment facilities. Proton therapy reduces the risk of damaging healthy surrounding tissue by targeting cancerous tumors only, and also dramatically reduces side-effects. This project required an extremely compact foot-print for hospitals with limited space and financial budgets. A compact and more cost-efficient proton therapy machine enables health care facilities to afford proton therapy cancer treatment, and offer it to patients who would have had to travel long distances to access this healthier, less destructive cancer therapy in the past. The new product design made revolutionary proton cancer therapy more readily available to all Americans in rural and lower-income areas in hospitals with limited budgets, and this matched the company’s core commitment to expanding this type of less toxic and harmful cancer treatment to all cancer sufferers nationwide.


  • Proton therapy machines are large, consuming space in multiple-rooms, and extremely costly, which makes them less readily available to many health care facilities and their patients.
  • Due to the constraints referenced above, this limited marketing penetration and sales growth for the organization.
  • Needed a custom-manufactured, compact gantry platform to house this revolutionary cancer treatment technology.
  • The smaller foot-print of the unit helped to reduce budgetary costs, making the solution more cost-effective and practical for smaller facilities.
  • Offering a more accessible proton therapy machine helped this health care company achieve their mission to support and simplify cancer treatment everywhere, helping people live cancer-free lives.


Deeply committed to making new and more patient-friendly cancer treatment available to all cancer sufferers, this health care innovator was committed to making proton therapy more accessible to hospitals in rural areas or to treatment centers with limited budgets. Their passion and corporate mission is to help people live cancer-free in the future, and this machine helps them achieve their goals.

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Results Delivered

  • Manufactured gantry platform that was designed as the structural foundation of the proton therapy technology
  • Reduced the footprint, making the unit practical for extremely small spaces
  • Smaller size helped reduced initial budgetary requirements, making this revolutionary treatment available to all cancer sufferers
  • Unit manufactured for easy access to radiation technology for operations and maintenance

Broadwind Energy Industrial Fabrications is proud to work as a supply-chain partner with this award-winning health care organization to play a small part in the launch of a new cancer treatment technology into the marketplace. This health care innovation not only makes less invasive cancer treatment a reality for everyone, it also helps reduce hospital equipment operating costs, and boosts profits and sales growth for this company and their customers!

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