Heavy Steel Fabricating, Plate Rolling and Precision Welding

Broadwind Energy fabricates heavy industrial components to deliver the highest levels of productivity and profitability for your organization.

Our components are engineered to work in some of the world’s harshest environments, delivering superior durability and double the life span for cost-effective operation. With Broadwind Energy as your supply chain partner you will:

  • Maximize manufacturing productivity
  • Optimize performance and out-put
  • Increase dependability with 2X life cycle
  • Pressure vessels
  • Reduce O&M costs

Broadwind Energy is a leading manufacturer of custom-designed components for the mining industry and other industries including oil & gas, construction, industrial manufacturing, steel processing, and much more. Choose Broadwind Energy as your go-to supply-chain partner to get more production with less resources.

Solutions for Heavy Industry

Whether you are a refinery, petro chemical or power plant, infrastructure, marine, renewable energy, or heavy construction company, our steel fabrication solutions can be customized to your unique specifications and include:

  • Plate Rolling
  • Conical Tower Sections
  • Cones & Cylinders
  • Littoral Ship Transom Rings
  • Custom Fabricated Pressure Vessels
  • ASME Code Welding
  • Towers and Bridge Components
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Your Partner for Massive Scale Manufacturing with Unmatched Precision

Highly demanding industrial manufacturing applications require a partner who can deliver superior quality and best-in-class precision every time. At Broadwind Energy, we’ve built a reputation for custom fabricated steel structures and ASME pressure vessels that perform consistently and reliably across a variety of industries, in some of the most demanding applications.

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Our Solutions

We also specialize in ASME-coded production equipment and storage tanks including:

  • Surface equipment
  • Process piping and industrial fabrications
  • Processing skids and packaging
  • Pressure vessels
  • And much more