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Mobile Natural Gas Stations

Mobile Natural Gas Stations to Serve Regions Without Pipeline Infrastructure.
Need a Mobile Compressor to Fuel Anywhere, Anytime?

Meet Growing Demand and Reduce Pricing Volatility Risk

CNG-FUELINK™ is a mobile unit independent from any external power supply designed not only for total portability but also to maximize either mobile or stationary storage utilization.

  • Compact design, no external power required, compressor driven by gas engine
  • Electrical control panel and display powered by onboard battery and inverter
  • Up to 6 GGEs per minute when combined with a three-bank storage system at 3600 psig
  • Dispense directly into two vehicles simultaneously
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics with automatic system shutdown in the event operational parameters are out of normal range

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All-in-One Complete System

  • Simplex or duplex
  • Power: 150 - 600 HP (X2)
  • Suction pressure: 15 - 1000 psig
  • discharge pressure: up to 4500 psig
  • Flow rate: up to 4300 scfm (x2)
  • Built in dryer
  • Includes two metered dispensing panels
  • Includes full redundancy

Mobile Refueling Unit

  • Available with hydraulic or reciprocating compressor
  • 100HP ICE natural gas engine or electric motor
  • Storage capacity: 245,000 scf (1,762 DGEs)
  • Two metered dispensing panels

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Delivering an On-Site Source of Fuel and More Affordable Natural Gas Prices.


  • Suction pressure: 145 - 3600 psig
  • Vehicle fill pressure: up to 3600 psig
  • Drive: 100HP ICE natural gas engine
  • Number of stages: 3
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Stroke: 50mm
  • System cooling: liquid


  • Totally self-contained, no external power required
  • Perfectly balanced compressor
  • Non-lubricated rods, gas jackets and pistons
  • Minimal oil carryover
  • Minimal maintenance

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Need more storage capacity for high demand periods? Compressors cycling on-off frequently?

Say Hello To:

    • Faster, More Efficient Refueling at 19 GGEs Per Minute!
    • Increased Storage Capacity Without the Added Cost
    • Maintain a Compact Footprint
    • A More Compact Design
    • Ability to be Installed on a Trailer Delivering a Mobile Station

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Reducing Dependency on Diesel Fuel, Fostering Energy Independence in America

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