Challenge: Pressure Containment

Solving Challenges for the Petrochemical, Mining, Oil & Gas, CNG & LNG, and Marine Industries.

Challenge: Pressure Containment

If you need ASME Class 1 vessels for petrochemical, natural gas, marine, manufacturing, mining, or waste water storage, you can count on Broadwind Energy’s Industrial Fabrications team to deliver. Our strong industrial manufacturing and welding expertise, paired with our unique ability to handle large steel components makes Broadwind Energy’s Industrial Fabrications team the perfect supply chain partner for all of your ASME pressure vessel needs, regardless of your industry. Partnering with Broadwind Energy as a key supply-chain partner means you can focus on your “core” business we manufacture these mission-critical tanks and pressure vessels to help you increase your manufacturing productivity, profitability, and profits.

We proudly meet all ASME Code requirements for construction, materials, design, fabrication, inspection, testing and certification of pressure vessels. You can count on Broadwind Energy to meet all of your pressure vessel manufacturing needs leaving you to do what you do best: focus on your core business.

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Let Broadwind’s Industrial Fabrications team custom-design and manufacture tanks using rolled steel to help increase productivity in petrochemical plants, drilling rigs, waste water plants, industrial manufacturing facilities, and much more!

Need pressure vessel heads and accessories? We can deliver a wide range of ASME dish heads to meet all of your pressure vessel needs. We offer standard products ranging in sizes from 6” to 275” in diameter for extremely large designs.

Results Delivered

Broadwind delivers both pressure vessels and rolled steel atmospheric tanks with rounded bottoms that not only exceed quality specifications, but are delivered on time and budget. Our world-class pressure vessel solutions:

  • Increase circulation in the tank
  • Extend service life
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve ease of cleaning

We Provide Mission Critical Vessel Fabrication Services You Can Count On

We Solve Problems Every Day for:

  • Upstream Oil & Gas
  • Midstream Oil & Gas
  • Downstream O&G and CNG
  • After treatment storage
  • Petrochemical
  • Agriculture
  • Military and Aerospace
  • Food & Beverage
  • Steel
  • Pulp & Paper
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ASME Solutions

  • Surface equipment
  • Process piping and industrial fabrications
  • Processing skids and packaging
  • Pressure vessels
  • And much more

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