Brad Foote Gearing Honored at Agma Centennial Awards for 100 Years of Partnership

The American Gear Manufacturers Association began on the cutting edge of new technologies. In 1916, a new gear market was emerging. Today, at more than 480 members strong, AGMA is the leader in the industry, establishing the standards for the wide variety of markets gears have moved in the last century.

For more than 90 years, Brad Foote Gear Works, a Broadwind Energy company, has delivered gearing solutions for virtually every energy industry including oil & gas, mining, steel and power generation. We are geared for energy.

Components and Precision Gearing for Energy and Industrial Applications

From gears and gearboxes for applications in oil and gas, steel, industrial, and wind turbine towers, to comprehensive remanufacturing of gearboxes, we have solutions for the energy needs of the future—today. With facilities throughout the U.S., Broadwind Energy is committed to helping customers maximize performance of their investments—quicker, easier and smarter.

Watch The History of Gearing Video Produced By The AGMA

We are Geared for Industry.

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Gear Sets

Amarillo Cooling Tower and Pump Drives Foote-Jones Gearboxes (all types)
Alten Pump Drives and Reducer Hansen Gearboxes
Browning Speed Reducers Harnishfeger Crane Gearboxes
Chicago Gear\D.O. James Speed Reducers Hitachi Caster Gearboxes
Cleveland Worm Drives H& S Gearboxes (all types)
Citron Planetary Gearboxes Lohmann Planetary Drives
David Brown Gearboxes Morse Gearboxes
Delroyd Worm Gearboxes Nuttall Gearboxes (all types)
Dodge\Reliance Electronic Speed reducers Philadelphia Gearboxes (all types)
Cone Drives Pollack Bottle Car Gearboxes
Dorris Gearboxes Renold Gearboxes
Eagle Iron Works Gearboxes Santasalo Gearboxes
Falk Gearboxes (all types Sumitomo Paramax Gearboxes
Flender Gearboxes Treadwell Bottle Car Gearboxes