WTG drivetrain capabilities

Gearbox solutions to maximize your investments

Drivetrains are at the heart of your revenue stream. When it is time to service gearboxes in your wind turbine fleet, trust Broadwind Energy’s powerful blend of gearing expertise and service capabilities to get the job done.

Offering a legacy of leadership in precision gearing systems—built over almost 90 years— Broadwind’s deep experience and ingenuity in tight-tolerance gearing is unmatched.  Our team of engineers and technicians diagnose and resolve complex drivetrain issues. What makes us different? 
• In depth failure mode Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process to prevent reoccurrence
• Platform specific engineered tooling which offer cost effective alternatives to OEMs
• Innovative processes and strong quality assurance protocols that reduce down time 
• Turn-key drivetrain service – swap or rebuild – part procurement
• Diverse uptower and in-shop capabilities across a variety of equipment

Call Broadwind Services today to discuss your Geasrbox and Main Shaft needs, including:

Keep your assets where they belong, UPTOWER

Broadwind is pleased to announce complete uptower rebuild capability on GE 1.5MW GETS gearboxes. 
• Eliminate costly 500 US TON crane rental fees
• Extend the lifecycle of your existing assets
• No need for gearbox CAPEX or core credit issues
• Patent pending engineered tooling and process
• Quick and reliable response with limited down time
• Climate controlled mobile rebuild truck ensures cleanliness
• Leverage Broadwind’s deep gearing expertise to enhance components based on failure mode analysis

Our deep history performing End of Warranty (EoW) inspections combined with comprehensive WTG service offerings has enabled Broadwind to develop truly unique tooling and processes, patent pending, to perform complete in situ rebuilds on GE 1.5MW GETS gearboxes.  We are committed to expanding our patent pending tooling and process to additional OEM gearboxes in the near future. Join us in our commitment to evolving engineered solutions that reduce unscheduled maintenance down time, quickly and reliably.  A pipeline of new capabilities and engineered solutions are always in development - Call Broadwind Services today.

Health monitoring

Broadwind is your partner for a comprehensive set of services to monitor the condition of drivetrains deployed across your wind turbine fleet. With robust oil sample analysis and condition monitoring capabilities, our approach to health monitoring is focused on keeping your fleet profitable. We offer you state-of-the-art 24/7 nationwide remote monitoring and diagnostic SCADA capabilities to elevate drivetrain, to a new level of performance. With our highly skilled team of technicians and engineers monitoring your drivetrains, you will be notified of potential problems before your turbines stop.