Gearbox Replacements

Our industrial gearbox replacements have some of the highest power density ratings in the industry

To submit a request for quote, complete the Keystone Gearbox Application Guide (the Excel file may be downloaded from this page). Send in the completed guide and any relative drawings so we may begin to work on your quote. Please ensure all contact information is accurate when submitting the RFQ. We look forward to working with you.

With the latest design and manufacturing technology, our gearboxes offer the advantage of carburized, hardened and ground gearing in a wide range of sizes and features. Made of fabricated steel housings, they offer both strength and integrity.

Keystone series speed reducers

Brad Foote Gearing has a complete offering of catalog parallel helical and right-angle helical enclosed drive gearboxes. Our Keystone units are designed to maximize output, while at the same time minimizing space constraints. The result is some of the highest power density ratings in the industry.

Drop-in replacement gearboxes

Our design engineers specialize in drop-in replacements and can recreate an existing gear drive for a precise match.

Custom gearboxes

We feature in-house and third-party consultant gear design and engineering services along with specialized software. We can also design a new enclosed drive gearbox to fit your custom specifications, including:

  • Parallel shaft gearboxes
  • Right-hand gearboxes
  • Planetary gearboxes
  • Differential gearboxes


Repair Center Capabilities for Critical Spares

Brad Foote Gearing repairs and refurbishes gearboxes from any manufacturer and equipped to meet all of your service needs. We are used to working on a broad range of gearboxes including: