Oil change services

Gearbox oil change service in the field, anywhere and any time.

The gearbox needs to be monitored and serviced to ensure the turbine functions properly and effectively.

A healthy gearbox with proper oil changes can enhance a turbine’s profitability and extend its life. 

A wind turbine’s gearbox is at its heart. Broadwind Services keeps your gearboxes healthy and efficient by performing gearbox oil changes in the field using state-of-the-art self-contained trucks and trailers. Broadwind’s oil change equipment, methods and expertise make all the difference to you by maximizing time, cost and cleanliness.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Broadwind Services boasts unique, self-contained oil change trucks that are optimized to better serve you and the wind turbine gearbox. Broadwind has also introduced an oil change trailer, featuring all the same qualities as the trucks and well suited for smaller projects.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Self-contained mobile oil replacement system capable to change oil nation-wide, in most climate conditions
  • Units feature on-board diesel generators, customized tooling, and fixtures eliminating the need for additional electricity or resources from your site to complete oil changes
  • Pressurized oil system boasts Broadwind’s exclusive advanced motor ratios, proven to enhance efficiency and reliability
  • Single 300-foot hose reel holds three individual hoses (waste oil, flush oil, new oil), sleeved together to prevent leaks, enhance safety and minimize time spent winding and unwinding hoses
  • Four segregated oil reservoirs ensure minimum downtime and low risk of contamination:
  1. Waste oil
  2. Flush oil (with heating and filtration)
  3. Rinse oil (with heating and filtration)
  4. New oil (with heating and filtration)
  • On-board filtration system guarantees clean oil that meets or exceeds ISO 4406 standard
  • Portable HYDAC particle counter validates cleanliness immediately on site
  • Temperature control tanks optimize flow in any climate
  • Integrated PLC controller that uploads customized oil change procedures to ensure repeatability & accuracy
  • On-board and metering capabilities to ensure accuracy of oil fill and control costs