Enclosed gear drives

Our enclosed gear drives have some of the highest power density ratings in the industry.

Our drives have some of the highest power density ratings in the industry. With the latest design and manufacturing technology, our enclosed drive gearboxes offer the advantage of carburized, hardened and ground gearing in a wide range of sizes and features. Made of fabricated steel housings, they offer both strength and integrity.

Keystone Series

Brad Foote Gearing, a division of Broadwind Energy, has a complete offering of catalog parallel helical and right-angle helical gear drives. Our Keystone units are designed to maximize output, while at the same time minimizing space constraints. The result is some of the highest power density ratings in the industry.

Drop-in replacements

Our design engineers specialize in drop-in replacements and can recreate an existing gear drive for a precise match.

Custom units

We utilize in-house and third-party consultant gear design and engineering services along with specialized software. We can also design a new gear drive to fit customer speciļ¬cations.


Repair Center - Your One-Stop Shop for Gearboxes and Critical Spares

Brad Foote repairs and refurbishes gearboxes from most manufacturers and is equipped to meet all of your unique service requirements. Need a critical spare fast?  We can help!  Brad Foote is one of the largest precision gear and custom-engineered gearbox manufacturers in North America and is dedicated to superior quality to exceed your expectations.  Whether your need a critical spare to keep your equipment running, drop-in replacement, or a reverse-engineered part or gearbox, we've got your gearnng needs covered and are ready to help!

Some gearboxes we service include:

Amarillo Cooling Tower and Pump Drives

Dorris Gearboxes

Lohmann Planetary Drives

Alten Pump Drives and Reducers

Eagle Iron Works Gearboxes

Morse Gearboxes

Browning Speed Reducers

Falk Gearboxes (all types)

Nord Gearboxes

Chicago Gear \ D. O. James Speed Reducers

Fessler Gearboxes

Nutall Gearboxes (all types)

Cleveland Worm Drives

Flender Gearboxes

Philadelphia Gearboxes (all types)

Criton Planetary Gearboxes

Foote-Jones Gearboxes (all types)

Pollack Bottle Car Gearboxes

David Brown Gearboxes

Hansen Gearboxes

Renold Gearboxes

Delroyd Worm Gearboxes

Harnischfeger Crane Gearboxes

Santasalo Gearboxes

Dodge\ Reliance Electric Speed Reducers

Hitachi Caster Gearboxes

Sumitomo Paramax Gearboxes

Cone Drives

& S Gearboxes (all types)

Treadwell Bottle Car Gearboxes

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