environment, health & safety (EHS)

Commitment – the foundation of our efforts

Broadwind Energy recognizes some of its operations may have an impact on the environment and present risk of occupational injury to employees. The company is committed to minimizing adverse effects to the environment and continuous improvement around employee health and safety. Our ultimate goal is to have ZERO injuries, illnesses or environmental harm.

We take our commitment seriously. Broadwind Energy has established an EHS management system across the entire Corporation which contains the following key elements for success:

Commitment - starting with top management and driven throughout the organization.

Expectations - clearly defined and measurable within our EHS Framework.

Enablers - procedures, training and IT systems which govern our daily work practices.

Tools & Resources - include dedicated EHS professionals within each operating business unit.

Validation - includes structured internal and external annual audit oversight.

Visibility - monthly communications with employees and reviews by management.

Continuous Improvement - employee input as well as analysis of proactive and lagging performance indicators.