CNG Compression Products

Broadwind Energy and SAFE offer a robust selection of fully-engineered compressed natural gas (CNG) compressors for CNG fueling stations at cost points and capabilities to meet every business need—large or small.

Whether you need fast or slow-fill equipment for public/private stations, or mobile mother/daughter stations, our engineering experts help you find the right gas compression technology to operate at peak performance for years to come so you can meet rapidly increasing demand for “green” fleets. 


Compression System Design Features Supporting:

  • Simpler Installation
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Higher Performance

SW Series ‐ Medium to Large Size Compressor

  • Suction pressure:  10 – 1000 psi
  • Discharge pressure:  up to 4500 psig
  • Flow rate:  235-4300 scfm
  • Power:  150-600 HP

S9 Series ‐ Medium Size Compressor

  • Suction pressure:  20 – 150 psi
  • Discharge pressure:  up to 4500 psig
  • Flow rate:  150-700 scfm
  • Power:  100-250 HP

CNG Boost - Hydraulic Compression

Designed to maximize storage capacity while minimizing cost and station foot print.  

  • Suction pressure:  290 – 3600 psi
  • Discharge pressure:  up to 4500 psig
  • Flow rate:  60-1900 scfm
  • Power:  20-100 HP


Hydraulic and Reciprocating Compression Solutions to Increase Productivity

CNG BOOST Hydraulic Compressor

Broadwind-SAFE CNG BOOST Hydraulic compressors can operate with a wide range of suction pressure without any regulator.  When the compressor is used as a booster, the system always supplies compressed gas at the right pressure, assuring the highest refueling pressure throughout the vehicle refueling cycle, maximizing the use of storage volume and providing a vehicle full-fill. 

Mechanical Reciprocating Compression

Broadwind-SAFE reciprocating compressors are designed with an extensive array of features resulting in a unique combination of customer/end-user benefits not typically found on the market today with liquid cooling technology to: 

  • allow more efficient control of gas temperature in different ambient conditions.
  • permit higher compression ratio.
  • offer standard off-the-shelf functionality, versus custom-designed componets to minimize cost, enable field repairs and reduce equipment down-time.
  • redeuce compressor footprint for easier serviceability, less ventilation requirements, and a safer work environment.

Need a Mobile Compressor to Fuel Anywhere, Anytime?

CNG FuelLink is a compact, mobile compressor driven by a gas engine that is completely independent from any external power supply.  This unit is designed for total portability and to maximize either mobile on stationary storage utilization.

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