Brad Foote Gearing

  • Gearing For Wind

    Optimize your gearbox, increase wind energy output, and extend gearbox lifecycle. Check out the infographic!
  • Gearbox Replacements

    Our industrial gearbox replacements have some of the highest power density ratings in the industry
  • Loose Gearing

    When it comes to industrial gearing, we have the largest spiral bevel cutting equipment in North America.
  • Heat Treating

    We have one of the largest captive heat treatment facilities in North America, and our state-of-the-art facility covers 50,000 square feet, and features a computer control room to monitor heat levels, carbon potential and the cycle time of each heat treat load.
  • Gear Finishing

    With extensive finishing capabilities, Brad Foote meets the highest industry standards and tightest tolerances, and can exceed the ever-increasing quality requirements for demanding applications.
  • Gear Cutting

    We produce some of the finest spiral bevel gears in the world delivering enhanced performance and strength.
  • Gear Testing Capabilities

    Comprehensive gear testing with on-staff metallurgists, in-house inspection to level 3, hardness testing and more.